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Format is as follows:

  • Please indicate a possible title for the article.

  • Mention your name, last name, and contact e-mail address.

  • Publication date. If an article touches a particular product, mention its version and the platform you’re using (web browser, operating system).

  • Article (no more than 1000 words). Split the content into paragraphs. Citations have to be clearly indicated. Please provide as many images as possible to make the website attractive. Provide images in high resolution. If necessary, we’ll re-encode them to an appropriate resolution for the devices Barely Usable supports. If possible, provide vector SVG graphics.

Article agenda:

  • Every article should have a section on how the thing being analyzed was meant to be used. What possibly was the designer’s intention?

  • Discuss the problem with the existing approach and why it isn’t functional from a usability point of view. Explain possible problems.

  • Explain how an object could be engineered better. What precisely would have to be changed to improve the product?