In this first article, I would like to welcome you to Barely Usable. Barely Usable is a result of my interest in the world of engineering and design and the techniques that are used for the creation of modern products. This website will talk mostly about the Internet, but not only!

After studying the topic of usability engineering from various sources, I have come to understand the value of user experience, and great user interface will be gaining tremendous significance in the future as more and more complex products are incorporated into our lives. If you have ever had a problem doing something that should be simple but wasn’t, this site is for you.

Barely Usable is a place created by an engineer and maker of things and is targeted to people from similar categories. Engineers and designers understand that criticizing is so much easier than building; thus, this site will feature comments and suggestions and try to present usability problems from a maker’s perspective. I hope that anyone who has ever tried to design and make anything will sympathize with this approach. I invite you to read, comment, and contribute!

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Wojciech A. Koszek